You Ran With Me

by Little Sur

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You Ran With Me is Little Sur's second collection of music. The stories inside are snapshots of moments shared with others; family, friends, and lovers. It was recorded in New York City from October 2011 to May 2012. Selected sounds were also captured in California, specifically San Francisco and Stinson Beach during June of 2011. This record was the result of a collaborative environment, and the performers deserve special thanks for their creativity and commitment to the music. Both Kessiah Gordon and Annika Zee are important creative forces in Little Sur and deserve mention as well. A special thanks to Matt Firpo, Eliza McNitt, Esteban Pedraza, and their respective crews for their wonderful visual counterparts to this music, and Emily Williams and Amanda Dissinger for their work to get this record heard. Thanks to everyone for listening. This is folk music of the city. 


released January 28, 2013

All songs written by Jesse Aicher and Josh Meer except "Zobeide (The Wake)" written by Judy Butterfield and Josh Meer

Performed by: 
Jesse Aicher - voice, guitars
Jacob Blumberg - mandolin, guitars, organ, piano, percussion, sounds
Judy Butterfield - voice (3, 4, 6)
Annika Zee - voice (3, 4)
Alexander da Silva - bass (2, 3, 5, 6)
Andrew Campbell - drums (1,2,3,4,6), percussion, voice, bell set 
Alex Lewis - trumpet, fiddle 
Jenna Maranga - voice (2)
Josh Meer - voice, banjo, guitars, organ, piano, percussion, sounds
David Meer - bass (1, 4)
Eric Read - drums (5, 6)
Stefan Weiner - voice (2, 4)

Recorded, arranged, mixed, and produced by Jacob Blumberg and Josh Meer

Mastered by Jacob Blumberg

Artwork by Jo Zalon Meer

Published by Lazy Sunday and Oso The Bear



all rights reserved


Little Sur New York, New York

music from New York City

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Track Name: Til We're Dead
I bid farewell to the summer and she turned right into fall
Said darling don't you wait for me at all
Cause in a year you will awake and I'll have grown ten feet tall
Darling you wont know me at all
And my brothers dig their castles deep into the snow
The birds unhinge their wings and south they've flown
And I still fit in your arms, but ma i swear that I have grown
In my head in my hearts and in my bones
And I said how long, how long can I feel this 'til it's gone
Cause necessity's the glue that holds these bonds
I'm not lost anymore
And the spring crept upon me when she shed her winter skin
And said darling I don't know where to begin
Your shame has died and passed its fervor to the next of kin
Your pride's a lion lost within its den
And the moon became my father as we drifted into may
And the tide retreated out as if to say
Sometimes we all feel the pull as night turns into day
Don't worry i know your soul will be okay
And I said how long, how long can I feel this 'til it's gone
Cause necessity's the glue that holds these bonds
I'm not lost anymore
Gave my greetings to the summer when she showed her head again
And said darling I've thought of the things you've said
But change is just the daughter that father time tucks into bed
Darling let's just sing until we're dead
And I said how long, how long can I feel this 'til it's gone
Cause necessity's the glue that holds these bonds
I'm not lost anymore
Track Name: The Coast Towards Home
Moments of coast rushed by our eyes
In blissful attempts to return from where came,
I'm stung in the brain by fixtures of time
Because a long ride up makes you think twice
We watched as the waves untied their knots
On shores, beaches and inside our hearts
I'm spent as i cross my county line
To taste the motion of falling back in time
Late afternoon light drowning my room
Recalls old memories that feel so fresh, anew
Could never explain why I feel so strange
Except that the comfort of home is the place of past pain
Comfort of home is the place of past pain
Comfort of pain is a place far from home
Track Name: Brothers
Mama caught the flu
In 1982
It was then i think she knew
That I could be named and you would be Sadie
And we'd share apartments
And always be waiting
For breaks in the science
Our old self reliance
And you'd form addictions to novels and pictures
And more
Mama caught the flu
In 2002
It was then i think she knew
She would be passing us all of her lastings
At first she was asking about our reactions
And then we turned silent
And said it the violence
Towards deities we'd laughed at in secular mindsets
And more
I think we keep it close,
In traffic lights and sign posts
Yeah, we glue our inhibitions like a warning to ourselves
And the words are forming slowly as warning to my health and
If you will stay a while I will make us both some tea
And we'll have a conversation with the, whole family
And brothers will appear from beneath the floor boards
Our parents arrive as foreigners at our door
And I will make you cry make you leave make you think
No, I won't make you cry make you leave
Track Name: Continental Love Song
I've always chased you down through the rabbit hole
'Cause that's where you love to lay
If I could swallow you whole straight through my chest
I'd never ask you not to stay, could you tell me what would remain?
And so it went we tangled ourselves
Through drunken days and sober nights
And a year has passed but my insides ache
I know now you are the light o I never doubted you were the light
Your canyon eyes shine but never arrive
At directions I could claim as mine
I must confess I wrote your words down
My artichoke heart it still pumps blood
My toes are wearing smiles now
I'll call you when the day moon comes, even if you're not around
I've tumbled east and you've circled the land
Through wrecks and storms I can't comprehend
Nevertheless I do declare I love you more than I know how
Have I ever been this underground?
Your canyon eyes shine but never arrive
At directions I could claim as mine
Your canyon eyes shine I drink their sweet light
Your direction I yearn to be mine
Track Name: Patterns in Canvas
No one is carefree
Until they get carried out
I am blossoming early
To the friction of city sounds
I'll know myself in august
When these patterns are canvased down
I've been nothing but honest
It's a trait I don't care for now
I swallow emotions up whole just for the taste
I shower my longings in sun cause the earth is a delicate place
It's a delicate place
My veins burst in chorus
And the sea's been spilling out
Oh the universe is porous
I am filling with empty sound
I'll lose myself in august
To the details of other hosts
I have changed I have polished
I want life like a jealous ghost

I swallow emotions up whole just for the taste
I shower my longings in sun cause the earth is a delicate place
It's a delicate place
Oh just burn through the dark
It's all that you're asking
Not knowing's just fine
But I think sometimes
It's not what we're saying
It's more how we pass our time
Oh just burn through the dark
It's all everlasting
Not knowing's just fine
Track Name: Zobeide (The Wake)
You tried to chase her out of your dreams
Into the wild waking world
But can't you see that's blasphemy?
Holy isn't something you hold

You callused your fingers to speak to her
nd followed her up wooden stairs
But every time you came close she climbed 
Into quivering ash in the air
And went away

You wanted her to stay
Angry at the light
Twisted in the sheets
Let him sleep

Caught in your carousel dream each night
In daytime you searched for her eyes
And gathered some lovers and held them too tight
And hoped they were her in disguise
Just sweet lies

Those deep purple lovers you wore like a cloak
And tangled yourself in our sighs
But we didn't see it was lies that you spoke
At least I didn't see that you'd
Always go away

You promised you would stay
I'm angry at the light
I'm twisted in the sheets
Just let me sleep