by Little Sur

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Two singles we couldn't wait to share with you! Enjoy and share with friends, family, and strangers.

Brothers written by Jesse Aicher

Idioms written by Annika Zee

All songs recorded, mixed, and produced by Little Sur.


released February 13, 2012

©2012 Little Sur

Recorded in New York City
Produced and Engineered by Little Sur
Mixed and Mastered by Little Sur
Album Art by Little Sur and Annika Zee

Additional Engineering by Vaughn Sulit, Eva Grace Hendricks, and Brandon Sanchez
Marketing and P.R. - Amanda Dissinger and Emily Williams



all rights reserved


Little Sur New York, New York

music from New York City

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Track Name: Brothers

mama caught the flu
in 1982
it was then i think she knew

that i could be named and you would be Sadie, and we'd share apartments
and always be waiting
for breaks in the science
our old self reliance
and you'd form addictions to novels and pictures
and more


mama caught the flu
in 2002
it was then i think she knew

she would be passing us all of her lastings
at first she was asking about our reactions
and then we turned silent
and said it the violence
towards deities we'd laughed at in secular mindsets
and more


i think we keep it close,
in traffic lights and sign posts
yeah we glue our inhibitions like a warning to ourselves
and the words are forming slowly as warning to my health and
if you will stay a while i will make us both some tea
and we'll have a conversation with the, whole family
and brothers will appear from beneath the floor boards
our parents arrive as foreigners at our door
and, i will make you cry make you leave make you think
no i won't make you cry make you leave
Track Name: Idioms (with Annika Zee)

I'd send you a bottle
within it a message
set it afloat across the seven seas

bottle up secrets
feelings inside
that we hide to stay strong outside

I'll send you an envelope
within it a letter
send it afloat from city to city

what's in our heads
we restrain to let out
so let's write it down
to fight off second doubts

oh I've tried to deliver myself to you
and dear it's the only way i can be sincere
sincerely yours good bye I'm leaving Toronto

no I’ll send you nothing
i won't write a letter
i won't send a postcard or an envelope

I'll write you a song
like i always do
knowing that it will never get to you

oh, oh, oh, oh

(it never get through
it will never get through)